Friday, 18 April 2014

Time To Wake Up!

Hello and welcome to my personal pages of self healing and enlightenment.

This blog is specifically designed to raise public awareness of the many and varied alternative and natural methods of healing. Remedies which are widely available for the treatment, relief and cure of most so called 'chronic' illnesses and diseases - with no side effects!

I must state from the outset that I am not a medical doctor or therapist, but my rationale for this project is entirely philanthropic, focussing on the enrichment of life for my human, and even some non-human, brothers and sisters. My raison d'etre!

I am eternally grateful for the affiliated information provided, which is of course freely available to anyone interested in self development, and the prevention/cure of illnesses, which we've been conditioned to believe are 'incurable'.

Unfortunately, over the years, I have witnessed the premature loss of far too many lives, and consequential suffering directly attributed to the "cures" administered by the mainstream medical profession.
They would have us believe that their methods of control are absolute and indispensable. 
Well, many enlightened people, including a growing number of eminent medical practitioners, beg to differ, and hopefully some of the following articles will validate these assertions.

I'd like to start off with something that many 'awakened' individuals consider to be the pinnacle of mainstream medical scams, namely Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy!

These primitive, and frankly barbaric methods of treatment, are jointly funded, promoted, endorsed and executed by the medical profession, in collusion with the pharmaceutical industry.(Big pharma)
Not only are both of these "therapies" highly toxic and extremely damaging to humans, but are themselves carcinogenic!
As Dr.Leonard Coldwell once said; "This 'treatment' is like spraying a garden full of flowers and weeds with agent orange (poison) and hoping only the flowers will return. What do you think is more likely to return?"

Let me emphasise here that the health services and 'Big Pharma' = Big Business!
They are inter-dependent partners in crime, who peddle their wares to an unsuspecting, blinkered and unwary global market place. 
Therefore, it makes perfect business sense to expand and maintain growth, so to speak!

"The era of cancer chemotherapy began in the 1940s with the first use of nitrogen mustards and folic acidantagonist drugs. Cancer drug development has exploded since then into a multi-billion dollar industry." (Wiki) 

So basically, Chemotherapy is a derivative of mustard gas, which was of course used to debilitate and severely burn soldiers in the first world war. 
This sulfuric, cytotoxic poison is today injected directly into cancer patients veins under the medically approved guise of a cure!

This is why there has been little, if any advancement in finding a definitive cure for cancer over the last 75 years! And, as you will soon discover, when multi-billion dollars worth of drug sales are at stake, it isn't very shrewd business acumen to eradicate the source of your income.
Moreover, the pharmaceutical industry will vehemently oppose, and ruthlessly suppress any other legitimate remedies which could threaten their hegemonic stranglehold on the issuance of 'approved' mega-buck drugs.

Their corporate masters have long since deemed it 'illegal' for anyone to publicly proclaim an alternative cure, and whoever dares to do so is swiftly excommunicated, cast out of the orthodox practice and labelled a charlatan or quack!
A successful and respected Italian oncologist named Dr.Tullio Simoncini, is one of many examples.    
Diabetes shares a similar unfortunate history. Any potential cures for this hormonal condition have also been severely handicapped ever since two Canadian medical scientists named Banting & Best, accidentally 'discovered' insulin in 1921! More on this later.

So let's ponder for a minute and consider all of the fantastic technological advancements mankind has made over the last 100 years, and yet somehow he is still clueless when it comes to cancer, diabetes and other chronic dis-eases! 
Strange isn't it?

 Please watch this video for more details:

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