Saturday, 15 November 2014

Oxygen is the key!

Oxygenated blood is the key to good health and longevity..... 

....and the simplest way to obtain and maintain a healthy oxygenated, alkaline blood ph level, is to reduce or eliminate the processed, sugary, mass produced, mainstream junk foods, (which are acidic) and instead consume a variety of green leafy, chlorophyll rich 

The benefits of a predominantly raw diet are staggering, and the best part is it's never too late to make that change.

Fact: Cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment.

In the clip below Dr.Leonard Coldwell explains this, advocates the use of vitamin C, and dispels the fear-mongering myth over cholesterol.

I'm not a huge fan of mainstream media but the following article on vitamin C and cancer was surprisingly candid for the BBC, albeit disguised as a benefit for chemotherapy!

Click here: Vitamin C 'gives chemotherapy a boost'


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